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If you’re not satisfied with the results you’re getting in your business or organization, it’s time to re-focus. I help organizations close the gap between intention and action by developing effective strategy through clarified purpose. Working without clarified purpose is simply spinning wheels; you can ramp up your effort but it won’t get you anywhere. Watch the short strategic pointers video below and contact me when you’re ready to close your gap. Let’s get to work!

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Has your business or organization ever set a goal only to miss…

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We are so grateful to Bekah Zorgdrager for her guidance and wisdom! Although I’m a writer by training, I was having such a difficult time articulating the mission of my nonprofit, Uptown Stories. Through a series of guided conversations, Bekah helped us understand how our personal history, our work, and our role in the community all fit together. She knows how to ask just the right question to get to what’s important, and she’s an incredible listener. We came away from our work with a new mission statement that we feel really excited about, as well as a set of values we can return to when we are making decisions about our growth in the future. Uptown Stories is so much stronger for having had this experience, and I know we will be reaping the benefits for years to come.

Organizational Strategy Client

My conversations with Bekah have been invaluable for me. I have seen at least three counselors over the years, and Bekah in her role has helped me understand myself more than they have. Our conversations have allowed me to do some serious soul-searching in ways that I never have before – she has amazing listening skills and a wonderful ability to get me to search out my thoughts unselfconsciously.

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Bekah is very professional, personable, and precise in her interviewing skills. She grasped our problem and walked me through decision-making, which I believe will help us.

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I’m Bekah Zorgdrager and I help organizations close the gap between intention and action. That gap is often the difference between winning and losing; if you don’t find and address your gaps nothing will change and growth will be hard to come by. I work with organizations to develop effective strategy for addressing those gaps through clarified purpose.

Over the last several years I conducted in-depth research spanning several mission-focused organizations who arguably have to contend with the most competitive market space! I interviewed dozens of leaders, many of whom found ways to grow their organization even while their industry as a whole declined. I’ve learned and applied practical insights from this research, worked in a variety of settings, and know what it takes to help your organization win. Don’t get caught in the trap of simply maintaining the status quo. Don’t fool yourself into believing that your organization has no gaps to address – especially if your sales/donations/etc. don’t seem to reflect the quality of your people or the amount of work everyone is putting in.

I’ve personally experienced the power of addressing the gap between intention and action and I’m ready to help your organization do the same! Several years ago I felt overwhelmed with frustration; I was mentally sluggish, physically overweight, spiritually struggling and emotionally had lost trust in myself. I wondered if my best accomplishments were already behind me, and I was barely over 30! That has all changed. I’m full of excitement & hope (most days), I’ve lost 50 lbs and easily kept it off for almost two years and counting! I’m in the best physical, emotional, mental & spiritual health of my life. I understand the frustration of working hard and not seeing any results; of feeling stuck in a rut or a deep canyon.

Don’t keep your organization stuck in the gap. Doing nothing ensures you’ll at best keep getting the same lackluster results. Your organization has something important to do in the world, so lets get to it!